Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Collaborative Tools for Curriculum Planning

I've been invited to help draft the Technology Course of Study for one of the districts we work with. I'm looking forward to discussing how 21st century literacies can be integrated into the curriculum. How can we implement some of these collaborative learning strategies in the process of writing the curriculum?

I have a huge stack of paper on my desk with the drafts and resources we are using as a starting point. Presumably when the committee of teachers and administrators meets we will have have separate piles of papers with our annotations and ideas. It seems only natural that we could use online collaborative tools to share our ideas, and to refine the district curriculum using the same spirit of exploring new media that we will expect of our students.

I'm looking for examples of districts that have used Web 2.0 (or other) tools as part of the curriculum development process. A Wiki seems like a natural choice for this type of collaboration, but the limitations on multiple people making simultaneous edits may make this cumbersome. A Google or Zoho collaborative document would allow for this, but then it might be difficult for individuals to monitor the changes being made by a large number of participants.

If anyone out there has any ideas about how to approach this, or personal experience with this scenario, please email me! Thanks, and I'll let you know what we all decide.

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Nitin said...

A good idea may be to post your question on one of the NING social networks.

For example, the MACUL space seems to be quite active: http://maculspace.ning.com/